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Our Equipments

We supply and Install all the following Equipments.

Hospital Fitting & Furniture

Our Hospital Fitting include the following Equipments Hospital beds Bedside Lockers Delivery Beds Examination Couches Drip Stands Instrument Trolleys Examination Lamps Patient Trolleys Ward Screens Ward Trolleys e.t.c

Surgical Instrument Sets

Our surgical instruments includes General Instrument sets Laparotomy Sets Delivery Sets i.e. Major & Minor Sets Suture Sets Caesarean Sets Vaginal Hysterectomy Sets Dilation and curettage Sets Chest Drainage Sets Neuro- Surgical Instruments, among others.

Laboratory Equipments

The following are the laboratory equipment that we offer. Chemistry Analyzers (Automatic & Semi-Automatic) Calorimeters Centrifuges i.e. Electric/Manual Eliza micro Plate Reader Haemometer Haematology Analyzers i.e. Automated and Open System Hot Air Oven i.e

Emergency Equipment

Our Emergency Equipment include the following. Defibrillators Resuscitaires Patient Stretchers Ambu-Bags First Aid Kits Vital Signs Monitor Immobilizers Blood Pressure Machines e.t.c

Medical Imaging Equipment

X-Ray Machines X-Ray Disposables and Accessories Ultrasound Scanners Ultrasound Disposables and Accessories

Oxygen Solutions

Oxygen Concentrators Oxygen Generators Oxygen Flow Meters, Regulators & Humidifiers Oxygen Disposables and Accessories

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